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Our Background

The first country of destination, the United States of America,  welcome more than a million international students every year, with 1,043,839 in the 2015-2016 academic year. But as international students, they face environmental adjustment challenges that greatly affect their academic performance.

In fact, colleges in the U.S are unique compared to any other countries overseas. What makes colleges in the U.S so unique is the activities and services they offer out of the classroom. These resources play a crucial role in developing skills and abilities that contribute to a student's overall skills in Personal and Intellectual Autonomy. Unlike the U.S, schools in Africa and Europe usually only offer classes with no official student life (extracurricular activities/resources/opportunities).

As a result, the resources that colleges offer are unfamiliar to international students. In fact, a great majority of them keep the same attitude as they would in their home country that is just attending their classes then head home.

Our Program

Empowering International Students’ Lives in the U.S and Beyond

Our Mission  & Vision

The Edu-eXcellence Mentor’s main objective aims to inspire and motivate their mentee to get full advantage of the opportunities their college has to offer.

Through our mentorship program, we facilitate their transition, provide advice to ensure academic success, and help students engage in extracurricular activities. We also inspire, motivate and remind students about the importance of school. Edu-X offers a complete agenda to assist students until they graduate.

Who we are


  • Juniors and seniors with 3.5 GPA and above 
  • Students leaders

Grad students

  • Master and doctorate candidates
  • Honored students graduated from a college in the US​


Young Profesionals

  • Graduated from a four-year institution in the US
  • ​Leaders and experts

Edu-X connects high achievers and leaders who serve as models to first-year international students.

Become a Mentor

Join our network

As a newly established organization, Edu-X is an early stage startup. We are seeking high achievers and leaders whose knowledge and networks directly contribute to Edu-eXcellence mentoring program. Edu-eXcellence provides a learning environment for global awareness that can be beneficial for everyone. Americans will be able to interact with people from around the globe and gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a globalizing world. Also, being involved in Edu-eXcellence forces participants to confront different interpersonal and communication styles, which makes them better active listeners and critical thinkers. And it opens them to wonderful personal and professional connections that will benefit them throughout their careers.

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