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At Edu-X, we encourage students from Africa to study abroad in the US/Canada and become influential global citizens by gaining the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this globalizing world. Our students integrate the best colleges in Canada and in the U.S. We help them gain admission in highly selective colleges, get their study permit, and find the best-value housing. Students should also take advantage of our mentoring program to develop their highest potential and excel in college. 

Meet some of our Consultants

Our team

Edu-X is designed to help you succeed not only in college admissions but also your student life according to your unique goals while keeping stress low. Our consultations are available via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and email.

Our team is made up of highly professional college admissions experts. Our experts have worked with thousands of students, offering individualized guidance to help them navigate the admissions process and achieve their educational goals.  In addition, our consultants studied abroad and graduated from the top colleges in Canada and in the US; Therefor, we are a model for our students. In fact, our students and parents are the first to recommend Edu-X because of the personal experience of its members.


Matilda Guo

M.A in Education

Boston University


Amadou Diakité

B.A in Commerce - Operation Management

Concordia University


Djenabou Diawara

B.A in Chemistry
Columbia University

Our Services

Our services

Why Edu-X ?

Why Edu-X

Our mentoring program, Edu-eXcellence, is what makes us unique as an educational consulting agency.

  1. Excel academically

  2. Develop career interests

  3. Gets assistance with scholarships and internships applications

  4. Demonstrates strengths and explores potential

  5. Understands American students culture and lifestyle

Being a student is a challenge, but being an international student is even more challenging. Studying abroad can be very complicated because of all the different factors that come into play in a new environment. The first semester in college is an exciting time for international students, but they will also have to face some of the obstacles that naturally arise in their host country. These obstacles can range from cultural shock to academic problems. Edu-X helps students overcome every challenge they might face! Through our mentorship program, we facilitate their transition, provide advice to ensure academic success, and help students engage in extracurricular activities. We also inspire, motivate and remind students about the importance of school. Edu-X offers a complete agenda to assist students until they graduate. Learn more about the mentoring program..

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